Friday, December 30, 2011

GOOD NEWS! Work @ Home search is one step closer!

You no longer have to sign in to get access to my LARGE list of companies that hire athome employees!!

Feel free to share this list with anyone and everyone looking for that perfect way to make income from home.
If you want to show your appreciation please visit the list and read the directions posted above the listed.

Thank you! Have a Happy Happy New Year!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sneak peek of the Work @ Home list!

There are many lists out there that give you the links I do. Many people are good at holding them from you till you pay a price. Recently I saw a woman online charging people $20 for a view of her list! I have to be honest. I did see her list before she started charging for it. I personally beleive that giving this list to you free of charge will bring blessings. Seriously, its not all about the money. If it were I would have quite blogging a long time ago!
Having been there done that and feeling the frusteration, then finding people like the woman above was a little diappointing. With all the ideas on this page and the list provided I hope someone can find a few eggs. To be honest, there was time when ChaCha was my daily job, sometimes I just did it with my children in my lap. Did I learn alot? Of course! Was the pay great? No not really, but $10 a day for gaining knowledge and doing it freely, whenever you want is not bad. That paid for gas in town :0).

Here is a small list of places similar to ChaCha:
Brain Mass
Bumper Brain
ChaCha If you would kindly let them know I reffered you (
Clarity Consultants

There is so much more on the list! You will also find jobs in:

Customer Service
Mock Jury
Mystery Shopping
Adult jobs and more!

Go to the "Free Work @ Home List" tab or click here.

Happy Hunting!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

@ Home Salon

Here is one that I'm currently working on. I'm a Licensed Student Cosmetologist and aspiring to work in my own @ Home Salon. I have been told by my teachers it will take some time to gather up clients but I'm convinced that working with a company such as Arbonne will help me connect with more clients faster.

I don't know all the specifics of having a home salon as of yet but I did find a website that teaches you how to go about it if you are already a cosmetologist.

My other thought was that working at home as a cosmetologist doesn't have to be a salon right away. I have no problem with being a cosmetologist who promotes healthy companies such as Arbonne.

Some of you that have done some MLM understand the benefit! Not only will I build clientele faster but I will also be building a nice retirement.

I have seen many people take advantage of body wraps for their salon business too. Have you heard of "It Works!" ? well these are more like supplements to a salon income but you get the idea.

You can contact someone at the SBA to get more information about starting a salon at home, your state or read up on it like I do online. I found and variious articles on places like eHow,ezineartilces etc... that give you the basics.

Once I know more and I take that class, you better be sure that I'm going to come share what I have learned with you!

To Your Success!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Public Notary @ Home

A Public Notary is someone who has been appointed and approved by their state government to witness signing of documents and taking of oaths to reduce any chances of fraud.

Notaries are trained for their duties and must meet certain qualifications to be appointed. In most states you must not have a criminal record, legally be a resident of the United States, take an exam and pay a fee.

 It is against Federal Law to require a person to be a US Citizen to perform these duties.

You can perform these duties after being appointed and been sworn in from your home or even travel to provide your service(mobile notary)! You can also be hired by someone but our focus is working @ home with our own hours.

There is no required training courses in many states such as Maine. Maine citizens may go to the states website and download the training guide, application and exam, pay the fee and wait for approval!

States like California who do have training requirements will direct you to where you can get your training and steps to becoming qualified and then appointed.

Become a notary in:



















Maine - NH Resident may also apply.










New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina

North Dakota





Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota







West Virginia



Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mom, Here’s How You Can Start a Work at Home Career!

Thanks to the rising costs of daycare and transportation and the desire to have a parent home with the children, today many moms choose to work from home. This arrangement is sometimes called “telecommuting”, and it allows parents the opportunity to set up a workspace in their homes to earn a living instead of having to leave the home daily.

They might also choose to start their own businesses, instead of working for another company. Working from home is rising popularity and the Internet is offering many different types of careers and business opportunities to moms. And for proof that the work at home dream is possible, be sure to check out the success tips from moms just like you in the Full Time WAHM eBook

So how can you start a work at home career? This is a frequently asked question that can lead to a lot of confusion about on where to start. Here are just some of the work from home careers currently available to moms:

 · Party Consultant (beauty, health, jewelry, home decor, adult, etc.) We all know about companies like Avon and Tupperware, but there are so many more opportunities for moms and they are still a popular way to earn an income. From home and garden products, to jewelry and makeup and even adult novelties, home party plans are great ways for moms to work from home. Earnings vary by company and commission schedule.

· Virtual Office Service. Are you a people person who likes to do customer service and to provide other office services? Then a client service job might be perfect for you. Many large firms are hiring Mom’s to work from home answering customer calls and providing other office support virtually. These jobs can pay between $8-12+ an hour. You can also start you own business providing customer service directly to clients and increase the amount you charge per hour.

· Selling on Auction Sites or Craft Boards. Many Moms sell their unwanted items on auction sites like or sell their crafts on boards like for a source of income. If you are a creative person who enjoys making beautiful things or you want to earn a little extra money for the clothes your kids outgrow, why not sell them!

· Starting on Online Business. The Internet offers the chance for you to create just about any type of business they desire. Whether it’s creating an information-packed website that helps others (and earns money through advertising and selling products for commissions), creating your own products or selling products at wholesale, the choice is yours.

There are any number of opportunities just waiting to be tried by enterprising Moms looking for fulfillment and extra money.

Recommended Additional Resource:

Working from home doesn’t come without it’s challenges. Learn from 21 moms just like you have been there, done that.

Full Time WAHM provides practical mom-to-mom advice on who to balance work & home and how to turn into a work at home success.

Monday, January 31, 2011

@ Home Pet Care.

Since I can remember I have always loved animals. I can even remember the first time I was bit by my dog" Chocolate", a Chocolate Lab lol.

I remember it hurting my feelings and of course it hurt physically too, but I was not phased, even then I was convinced animals had their own psychology and was curious as to "why" the dog bit me.

It has been a hobby interest ever since. In high school I attended a 2 year vocational course in Animal Care that introduced me to the entire Animal Care Field. I loved it and got As all across.
In high school even I had a time where someone not so fascinated with animals would have left.

The first time ever walking a dog the dog got loose! it was sooo sad, long story short, the dog died on his venture trying to track down his vacationing human mom and dad.

I though for sure I failed my class, but my teacher and the school saw something else, they saw determination. I kept going to school even though my heart was broken. I excelled in all areas, even wildlife rehabilitation. Other cane to me to get help!

I got a full scholarship and college funds for this toughness. I was so happy!

So naturally you probably see where that took me. Yes, I started a pet care business. It was very rewarding teaching people about animal health and how to preserve it with @ home pet care.

Fact is people just don't understand what they are doing to their pets when they leave them to board somewhere, even if its a vets office.

I made my own schedule, I charged whatever I want(affordable of course, I love animals), and I gave lots of love to my pet clients! It was very therapeutic and felt great to be helping someones health bill stay lower.

Since I had worked in pet care for a while I already had a ton of supplies and so the start up was not costly for me.

There are a ton of other things to do with pets from your home or on your own schedule, scroll below to get a full guide on how to start your own pet business!

Do you have questions for me about my experiences? Contact me, I'm so happy to share!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mystery Shopping.

First thing I want to say and this should be on EVERY mystery shopping site you may find! If you are being sent a check for cashing to do a mystery shop DON'T CASH IT!, It is a fake check that if you cash will get you in trouble with the law!!! When is the last time you went to work on your first day(regular job) and got paid for the whole week, job or project? NEVER.

OK so now that that is said I want to share my love for mystery shopping. I love it, love it, love it! I have seen my work improve a lot of services, have people keep their jobs, people get fired etc...Mystery shopping works! The companies that use mystery shoppers are companies that provide services to  consumers like me and you.

The pay is anywhere from $5 to even over $100 per job/project. The length of the jobs or projects can be anywhere from a few minutes to hours.

A good organized person with good writing and communication can make a decent income. Many times you will get reimbursed for what you buy which means its free!

The biggest reward I found in mystery shopping is making shopping for future customer a better experience.

Get free training and alerts for free click here.

Have fun!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Daycare @ Home

When I first married my husband  I was avid about staying home. I felt no one else had the privilege of the first word, first step, all the firsts our son would have.

If Daddy missed it I understood, but for Mommy it was not OK to miss. At the time my husband was a full time student, working part time receivIng his GI Bill. It covered a lot of the bills and we had the ability to buy and acquire a ton of toys and needs not only for our son but for s someone else's child too.

It took me a little while, but I ended up signing up to give care with the local Child Development Center. I also got approved to take care  of children whos parents were in training or working and receiving some type of help from the welfare system.

I loved it and it worked out great for me for a little while. But it was not something my son liked. He was a jealous little man and did not like sharing mommy. Needles to say that ended my Daycare @ Home days a year and a half later.

It was very nice though while we had it. If your children can handle you loving on other children go for it! My child happened to be a friends son, so it was hard not to give him just as much love.

To get more information on how to start a step by step Daycare business please scroll down below or click here. FREE Childcare Forms(they are really cute!) click here.
To your success!