Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mystery Shopping.

First thing I want to say and this should be on EVERY mystery shopping site you may find! If you are being sent a check for cashing to do a mystery shop DON'T CASH IT!, It is a fake check that if you cash will get you in trouble with the law!!! When is the last time you went to work on your first day(regular job) and got paid for the whole week, job or project? NEVER.

OK so now that that is said I want to share my love for mystery shopping. I love it, love it, love it! I have seen my work improve a lot of services, have people keep their jobs, people get fired etc...Mystery shopping works! The companies that use mystery shoppers are companies that provide services to  consumers like me and you.

The pay is anywhere from $5 to even over $100 per job/project. The length of the jobs or projects can be anywhere from a few minutes to hours.

A good organized person with good writing and communication can make a decent income. Many times you will get reimbursed for what you buy which means its free!

The biggest reward I found in mystery shopping is making shopping for future customer a better experience.

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Have fun!

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