Saturday, January 29, 2011

Daycare @ Home

When I first married my husband  I was avid about staying home. I felt no one else had the privilege of the first word, first step, all the firsts our son would have.

If Daddy missed it I understood, but for Mommy it was not OK to miss. At the time my husband was a full time student, working part time receivIng his GI Bill. It covered a lot of the bills and we had the ability to buy and acquire a ton of toys and needs not only for our son but for s someone else's child too.

It took me a little while, but I ended up signing up to give care with the local Child Development Center. I also got approved to take care  of children whos parents were in training or working and receiving some type of help from the welfare system.

I loved it and it worked out great for me for a little while. But it was not something my son liked. He was a jealous little man and did not like sharing mommy. Needles to say that ended my Daycare @ Home days a year and a half later.

It was very nice though while we had it. If your children can handle you loving on other children go for it! My child happened to be a friends son, so it was hard not to give him just as much love.

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To your success!

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