Monday, January 31, 2011

@ Home Pet Care.

Since I can remember I have always loved animals. I can even remember the first time I was bit by my dog" Chocolate", a Chocolate Lab lol.

I remember it hurting my feelings and of course it hurt physically too, but I was not phased, even then I was convinced animals had their own psychology and was curious as to "why" the dog bit me.

It has been a hobby interest ever since. In high school I attended a 2 year vocational course in Animal Care that introduced me to the entire Animal Care Field. I loved it and got As all across.
In high school even I had a time where someone not so fascinated with animals would have left.

The first time ever walking a dog the dog got loose! it was sooo sad, long story short, the dog died on his venture trying to track down his vacationing human mom and dad.

I though for sure I failed my class, but my teacher and the school saw something else, they saw determination. I kept going to school even though my heart was broken. I excelled in all areas, even wildlife rehabilitation. Other cane to me to get help!

I got a full scholarship and college funds for this toughness. I was so happy!

So naturally you probably see where that took me. Yes, I started a pet care business. It was very rewarding teaching people about animal health and how to preserve it with @ home pet care.

Fact is people just don't understand what they are doing to their pets when they leave them to board somewhere, even if its a vets office.

I made my own schedule, I charged whatever I want(affordable of course, I love animals), and I gave lots of love to my pet clients! It was very therapeutic and felt great to be helping someones health bill stay lower.

Since I had worked in pet care for a while I already had a ton of supplies and so the start up was not costly for me.

There are a ton of other things to do with pets from your home or on your own schedule, scroll below to get a full guide on how to start your own pet business!

Do you have questions for me about my experiences? Contact me, I'm so happy to share!

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