Saturday, May 12, 2012

Life After The Army

Recently I stumbled upon a military affiliated blog and I wanted to share and review for my military audience and friends/ family in facebook.

The blog is located at I read through a few posts and was impressed with his posts. In particular with a post about jobs and Facebook. Ive seen so much news on the subject but no one ever in my circle of influence had decided to elaborate on how to handle the somewhat "new criteria" for getting a job that wasnt umpteen pages long(exagerating here lol). Im busy so I like posts that are informative yet to the point.

So heres my opinion on this blog; from exclusive music videos for military family & spouses to up to date job search tips; its a great find!

I will be sharing it with my friends on facebook. Also hoping hubby will see it and take the help Curtez offers.

Its wonderful when soldiers have eachothers backs, no matter what branch and any and little way, Hoorah!