Thursday, April 26, 2012

Saving money on your investments.

So you're a Home Party Rep?  How fun is that?!  Friends, family, neighbors and coworkers getting together for chit chat,fun, refreshments and gifts!

I had to write this post because I just am so excited for all reps!!

Longaberger Company is having a HUGE sale this weekend and its a sale Home Party Reps don't want to miss! Longaberger is famous for their high quality and hand woven baskets. These baskets last for years and are even passed on from generation to generation in some families.

This is an All American company and they are big supporters of our Armed Forces. They have great embossed gifts and basket collections for military, sports and your classic home collection.

Check out these sales!! These kinds of sales are phenomenal for saving money on your home party investments!!!

This sales start tomorrow. Bookmark this page, set a reminder! 

Click here to shop now.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

If you had a business like mine??

Check out "Gasimizer"

If you had a business like mine how much would you really be paying for gas?

Click the link above to download this awesome app!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Square Card Reader Protective Carrier

I'm very excited to have started a candle business (.99¢!!) and was also happy when my hubby found a free credit card and payment system reader!

When the reader comes in the mail it does come with some packing protection. The other representatives in my company, well many of them also use Square.

To my suprise no one had thought about getting a protective case.

I did some searching and I found a few etsy account holders were crotchetting little yarn baggies and keychains, cute!

But it wasn't protective enough for me. A little more search I found some cool YouTube videos of cases but no information on how to purchase them!

Dang so one more lead. The search took me to the Apple store online. These puppies were $25! They are snazzy but being a stay at home mom with a new business and 3 little ones I wasn't ready to dish that out!

So silly me Im totally into recycling, reducing, and reusing,  I found a perfect fit and solution!

It was cheap cheap but if you can't afford to dish $25 check it out!

Is it an oversized Altoid or is it a Square Credit Card Reader?

If you cant find these in your area let me know. They run about $2 here.

It fit prefect. I cut the protective foam it came with to fit snuggly into the small tin.

Also I think its serves as a great theif deterrent!!

Square Credit Card Reader

My husband found a really cool app called Square.

Its a credit card reader that hooks up into your phone. Once you download the app and enter your information automatically the system will send you the reader in the mail. It takes about a week to arrive most times less.

I love it because I can take card customers for my candles! Its soo easy to use too.

You will need to hook it up to a bank account before your first use. Its awesome because this way your funds will deposit overnight!

If you are in direct sales or sell anything at the farmers market, flea market this is a must have!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Its all about the money.

Well when you think about it, it really is. We live around saving,making it,sharing it,spending it. It makes the economy go around.

So its said in order to become wealthy, you must control expenses.

I took a jump! We have gone green and our babies are cloth diapering!

Literally I just jumped in because I knew nothing of cloth diapering except that wow, it "looked" expensive at first glance.

Don't worry though, there is a great company providing many parents solutions.

I got my Econobum starter set about a month ago and I love it! Scarey at first but now I'm freeeee! I will never have to buy another toxic diaper in my childs life!

It feels good because not only am I saving money and controlling expenses,but I'm also helping save the earth!

I know many people hesitate to switch,its ok, I was there. No one says you have to go loco and jump, there are "trial kits" to help you slowly transition.

I'm still new at this but feel free to ask me questions. You may be able to find a cloth diapering club in your area.

I do a lot of self study online myself,but if I can help in any way, I am willing!

Now for the best prices I recommend Kelly's Closet. It's here in Maine and they ship nationwide. Earn free diapers too! What a deal!

Click here to shop Kelly's Closet.