Thursday, April 26, 2012

Saving money on your investments.

So you're a Home Party Rep?  How fun is that?!  Friends, family, neighbors and coworkers getting together for chit chat,fun, refreshments and gifts!

I had to write this post because I just am so excited for all reps!!

Longaberger Company is having a HUGE sale this weekend and its a sale Home Party Reps don't want to miss! Longaberger is famous for their high quality and hand woven baskets. These baskets last for years and are even passed on from generation to generation in some families.

This is an All American company and they are big supporters of our Armed Forces. They have great embossed gifts and basket collections for military, sports and your classic home collection.

Check out these sales!! These kinds of sales are phenomenal for saving money on your home party investments!!!

This sales start tomorrow. Bookmark this page, set a reminder! 

Click here to shop now.

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