Friday, April 20, 2012

Square Card Reader Protective Carrier

I'm very excited to have started a candle business (.99¢!!) and was also happy when my hubby found a free credit card and payment system reader!

When the reader comes in the mail it does come with some packing protection. The other representatives in my company, well many of them also use Square.

To my suprise no one had thought about getting a protective case.

I did some searching and I found a few etsy account holders were crotchetting little yarn baggies and keychains, cute!

But it wasn't protective enough for me. A little more search I found some cool YouTube videos of cases but no information on how to purchase them!

Dang so one more lead. The search took me to the Apple store online. These puppies were $25! They are snazzy but being a stay at home mom with a new business and 3 little ones I wasn't ready to dish that out!

So silly me Im totally into recycling, reducing, and reusing,  I found a perfect fit and solution!

It was cheap cheap but if you can't afford to dish $25 check it out!

Is it an oversized Altoid or is it a Square Credit Card Reader?

If you cant find these in your area let me know. They run about $2 here.

It fit prefect. I cut the protective foam it came with to fit snuggly into the small tin.

Also I think its serves as a great theif deterrent!!

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