Saturday, February 19, 2011

@ Home Salon

Here is one that I'm currently working on. I'm a Licensed Student Cosmetologist and aspiring to work in my own @ Home Salon. I have been told by my teachers it will take some time to gather up clients but I'm convinced that working with a company such as Arbonne will help me connect with more clients faster.

I don't know all the specifics of having a home salon as of yet but I did find a website that teaches you how to go about it if you are already a cosmetologist.

My other thought was that working at home as a cosmetologist doesn't have to be a salon right away. I have no problem with being a cosmetologist who promotes healthy companies such as Arbonne.

Some of you that have done some MLM understand the benefit! Not only will I build clientele faster but I will also be building a nice retirement.

I have seen many people take advantage of body wraps for their salon business too. Have you heard of "It Works!" ? well these are more like supplements to a salon income but you get the idea.

You can contact someone at the SBA to get more information about starting a salon at home, your state or read up on it like I do online. I found and variious articles on places like eHow,ezineartilces etc... that give you the basics.

Once I know more and I take that class, you better be sure that I'm going to come share what I have learned with you!

To Your Success!

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  1. I remember getting my own kentucky cosmetology ce license a way back. It took hours just to get it renewed. The good news nowadays is that there is now an option to do this CE requirements online. One of the place I would suggest is


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