Sunday, April 19, 2015

Hello! It's good to be alive!

Good afternoon!
My kids just got back from Sunday school and the bus driver told my other half that my son was having an attitude problem! Ugh! The life of a mommy and a daddy. Gotta love it.

Where have I been you ask? Well to be honest, I always do my darndest to be honest. My husband and I separated, it was a horrible event but long story short I cant wait to get divorced! Because if there's one thing I know its that team work makes the weight of the world and the work we do, whether as parents, a social worker, teacher etc... lighter.

Truly believe when you lift a person you will get much further in life and that you can persuade them to be right by your side no matter what when you use honey rather than vinegar.

Hey! I'm still here and I'm safe and well! A mommy will survive! And I'm sooo close to graduating beauty school! I will finally be able to tell you about the ultimate work at home experience!

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