Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sneak peek of the Work @ Home list!

There are many lists out there that give you the links I do. Many people are good at holding them from you till you pay a price. Recently I saw a woman online charging people $20 for a view of her list! I have to be honest. I did see her list before she started charging for it. I personally beleive that giving this list to you free of charge will bring blessings. Seriously, its not all about the money. If it were I would have quite blogging a long time ago!
Having been there done that and feeling the frusteration, then finding people like the woman above was a little diappointing. With all the ideas on this page and the list provided I hope someone can find a few eggs. To be honest, there was time when ChaCha was my daily job, sometimes I just did it with my children in my lap. Did I learn alot? Of course! Was the pay great? No not really, but $10 a day for gaining knowledge and doing it freely, whenever you want is not bad. That paid for gas in town :0).

Here is a small list of places similar to ChaCha:
Brain Mass
Bumper Brain
ChaCha If you would kindly let them know I reffered you (
Clarity Consultants

There is so much more on the list! You will also find jobs in:

Customer Service
Mock Jury
Mystery Shopping
Adult jobs and more!

Go to the "Free Work @ Home List" tab or click here.

Happy Hunting!